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E. Ford E. Ford

The installation was pretty quick and I love the site design!

L. Hong L. Hong

I've been wanting to run a travel site so this really excites me so much.. It is like cloning TripAdvisor or Agoda into a Wordpress website!

Janne H. Janne H.

I have purchased many Wordpress tools from Leo over the last couple of years and I must say that many of them have save me lots of developing time. Kudos too to their support team (especially Sandy) who always ready to help. Keep up the great work!

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"Once a year, go some place you've never been before." Dalai Lama

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From the desk of Leo (BCBiz)

Subject: Profit from travellers around the world
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The travel industry reached more than US$5.29 trillion in spending in 2017, with international tourism spend growing for the last eight consecutive years.

Travel & Tourism sector is also the second-fastest growing sector in the world, ahead of healthcare (+3.1%), information technology (+1.7%) and financial services (+1.7%), and behind only manufacturing, which was up by 4 percent.

A travel site like TripAdvisor influenced more than 433 million trips last year - like a shark smelling blood, entrepreneurs can smell market share..

If you are an online marketer, you should be taking advantage of this HUGE market, because many marketers are and they make thousands of dollars in commissions with their travel site business.

And here's the really cool part:

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As you know that creating affiliate blogs isn't easy. It's time taking, boring and technical task.

You need to master WordPress, learn how to customize your themes, write and publish content, do tons of WP setup and hope nothing break in between.

And that's just for a regular affiliate site..

.. what if you want to build AFFILIATE TRAVEL SITE?

Travel & Tourism is a huge, lucrative niche, right?

It's also a niche that you can work with full passion - it's not a boring niche.. Yet there were no good solution for online marketer like you to tap into this money-making niche by building your own travel/vacation site!

That's where WP Travel Site comes in.

Many people are looking for faster and easier solution to create profitable affiliate websites that converts! And today at this very moment right now we are "giving away" the solution you've been looking for with this WP Affiliate Travel Site Package..


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  • WP Affiliate Travel Site with stunning design
  • 100% self-updating & no maintenance needed (automatically updates hotel prices, reviews, etc)
  • Make profit with built-in Travel eCom store
  • 250,000+ hotels all around the world
  • 600+ daily flight schedules to profit from
  • 100% set & forget - you can maintain your WP Travel Site to earn commissions yourself or simply FLIP/SELL it for quick profits

No hassle about graphics design, keyword research, writing articles, images, installing/setup WordPress... and the list goes on.

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100% Unique WP Travel Site

Set it up once and you're good to go, you can quickly build your own WP Affiliate Travel Site with stunning design.

Image - Line

Monetized with 250,000+ Hotels, 600+ Flights and More

From your WP Travel Site your visitors can search and book over 250,000+ hotels, 600+ flights and more. People LOVE to travel and now you can have a WP site that brings solution to their vacation needs!

Image - Wp TravelSite Feature

Image - Line

Image - WP TravelSite Feature

100% Self-Updating

Once your WP Travel Site up & running in 5 minutes, it automatically updates room prices, reviews, flight schedules, etc dynamically. No maintenance needed and the site will keep updating on autopilot without you ever ever touch it again.

Image - Line

Loaded With Travel Articles

No more paying content writer fees or writing articles yourself. Your WP Affiliate Travel Site is fully-loaded with travel tips articles!

Image - WP TravelSite Feature

Image - Line

Image - WP TravelSite Feature

Built-in Travel eCom Store

There are many travel & vacation products sought-after by travellers. And you can profit out of them by promoting them on your WP Vacation Site because it has eCom store built in on the site.

Watch These Live Demo Samples

These demo blogs are for demo purpose only, you can customize the sites with your own logo, add more products, your own affiliate links, Adsense ads, banner ads, and more!

Image - Wp Travel Site Demo

100% Automated WP Travel Site Which Gives You A Chance To Earn Affiliate Commissions In The Lucrative Travel & Tourism Industry!

Up to $7 from each sold plane ticket and up to $20 from each hotel booking

Image - Our Site Income

This WP Travel Site package utilize affiliate programs from TravelPayouts and HotelsCombined.

This allows your travel site to show price comparison of hotels through different sources :  SnapTravel, Agoda, Expedia and so on.. And whichever the visitor choose, you'll get commissions!

Image - Price Comparison

A little caveat though..

Low-cost airlines (such as airasia.com and ryanair.com) do not pay a commission for the tickets you sell. Nonetheless, to give users the opportunity to find the cheapest tickets no matter what, those low-cost airlines will still be displayed in your WP Travel Site.

Over 250,000+ hotels around the world +PLUS 600+ flight tickets..

.. Now you can simply tell your relatives, friends and colleagues to book hotels or flight tickets from your own WP Affiliate Travel Site whenever they want to have a vacation next time!

100% Set & Forget Affiliate Engine, You Can Maintain Your WP Travel Site To Earn Affiliate Commissions Yourself.. OR Simply Sell/Flip The Site At $97 Again & Again For Quick Profits!

You will have the ability to create...

Automated WP Affiliate Travel Sites Out Of Literally Thin Air

  • NO NEED TO buy a premium theme + plugins for your affiliate travel sites
  • NO NEED TO pay for expensive content writers for content
  • NO NEED TO write hotels, airlines, cruises review yourself
  • NO NEED TO wasting hours or even days of your time building authority affiliate TRAVEL sites

Image - Work

Seriously, having to do all that manually

...is expensive, time consuming and put frankly downright irritating, especially once you want to build more than 1 site.

Now, you can skip all that tedious tasks and jumps to the end. You're getting instant, automated WP travel site fully loaded with everything you need with our affiliate site package!

It's Extremely Simple For You To Start Using This "Self-Updating WP Travel Site" Package Even If You've Never Built A Blog Before!

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Niche Bloggers

Stop building Unproven Niche Site and start using this Proven Engaging, clean and pro-designed WP Travel Site. Start making money by selling ad space, earn affiliate commissions, build an instant portfolio, and more!

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Affiliate Marketers

Earning HUGE commissions from Adsense, Amazon or HotelsCombined. Or make money from travel business owners by selling ads space on your WP Travel Site.

Image - Work

Website Flippers

It's a chance for you to make a quick buck flipping this WP Travel Site because Commercial License is included! If you can sell it for at least $100+ per website and you sell 10 travel sites per month, that means you’ll bank $1000+ profit easily just by the small investment you make today.

Start Your Own Travel Site Business Empire Today - FINALLY A Fascinating Niche That May Fits Your Passion With This Stunning, Fast Loading WP Affiliate Travel Site For Just $49!

Image - DFY Affiliate Travel Sites Package

  • Automated WP Affiliate Travel Site package with stunning design
  • 100% self-updating & no maintenance needed (automatically updates hotel prices, reviews, etc)
  • Make profit with Travel related products with built-in eCom store
  • Monetized with 250,000+ hotels from around the world
  • 600+ daily flight schedules to profit from and MORE
  • Set it up ONCE and auto updates without you even touch it - you can maintain your WP Travel Site to earn commissions yourself or simply FLIP/SELL it for quick profits
  • And more.. the OPPORTUNITIES are fantastic!

Traveling Is Relaxing and Rejuvenating

"Once a year, go some place you've never been before." Dalai Lama

Why do people leave their homes and voyage all over the globe?

The reasons why people love to travel are varied - they're also very personal..

And 1 of the best reasons is because travelling is relaxing and rejuvenating.

A demanding job. A bad breakup. The loss of a loved one. Just like the heroine in Eat, Pray, Love, travel can be a great relief from the stress and unhappiness that come along with those.

Image - Traveling Benefits

Everyone can benefit from a break from our usual day of all work and no play. You may not realize how much you need to disconnect from the ever-present pressure of being available by phone, email or social media.

Which opens a chance for you to profit out of them by running YOUR own WP Affiliate Travel Site.. You help travelers to book hotels/flights/cruises while earning affiliate commissions at the same time!

Who knows right? Perhaps with the profits of your own WP Travel Site you'll then have the ability to travel to your dream destination. The success journey might challenging and long, you just gotta stay strong and focus 😉

Grab this package before we get back to our senses & raise the price!

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WP Travel Site V1 Developer License

E. Ford E. Ford

The installation was pretty quick and I love the site design!

L. Hong L. Hong

I've been wanting to run a travel site so this really excites me so much.. It is like cloning TripAdvisor or Agoda into a Wordpress website!


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You can buy with confidence because if you face any technical issue which we don’t resolve for you, just raise a ticket within 30 days and we'll refund you everything, down to the last penny.

Our team has a 98.71% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues.​

Guarantees like that don't come along every day and neither do opportunities like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconAre the travel affiliates programs free to sign up?

    Yes, all travel affiliate programs are 100% free to sign up and it is instant approval.

  • q-iconWhat do I need to install this WP Travel Site?

    You will need a cPanel hosting, domain name and WP site.. If you don’t have any hosting account, we offer a DFY installation and cPanel hosting on the OTO/Upsell page after you purchase.

  • q-iconHow do I earn the commission?

    You earn commissions for room bookings and plane tickets made thru your TravelPayouts affiliate link. Then you can withdraw your commissions through Paypal.

  • q-iconWhat is the license for this WP Travel Site?

    The license is Developer Commercial License. You may install it on unlimited domains of your own or clients domain, customize the sites, claim it as your own and sell/flip it as a standalone website or turnkey website. You may not resell the whole package as is, you need to install it to your domain and hosting then flip/sell the site as a turnkey solution.

  • q-iconHow newbie friendly is it, really?

    OK, cards on the table here – if you are not familiar with Wordpress, domain and cPanel… you might want to close the page – but, if you can follow basic instructions (we’ve got training in video format and access to our friendly support team too), then you will have no problems using our system.

  • q-iconDo you provide updates?

    Yes, we give FREE UNLIMITED UPDATES. All future updates + upgrades will be available to all members at NO ADDITIONAL costs.

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WP Travel Site V1 Developer License

Leo (BCBiz)

See you on the members area my friend! 🙂

Leo (BCBiz)

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